Rules of Competition

Rules of Competition

Eligible contestants must be under 30 years of age at the time of the Finals and must have access to the internet. In order to participate the contestants have to send by email to Pr. Eva Fampas (  & to Dr. Marianna Mini ( between November 10th 2018 and December 20th 2018:

1) a copy/scan of their license, ID or passport, 2) a short curriculum vitae, 3) a payment receipt from the Bank (account details: NATIONAL BANK of GREECE, ΙΒΑΝ GR7501100930000009376917424, names Evanthia Fampa, Ioanna Polizoi) for the participation fee which is 50€  4) the URL link of their Youtube video where they perform the required repertoire.


  • A piece by Dimitris Fampas*
  • One movement from a Sonata / Sonatina by a contemporary composer (20th & 21st century)
  • Α work  or  Two parts from a Suite by J. S. Bach

For the online round the contestants have to upload a video to YouTube of themselves performing the above repertoire. At the beginning of the recording, they must clearly announce a) their name, b) each piece they are going to perform and c) that it is for the DIMITRIS FAMPAS International Guitar Competition 2016. These details will be the video title, as well.

NOTICE: The video recording should be taken in one take, should not be edited at all as well as has to be of a high quality to allow the judges to make their decision. The contestant must be visible at all times to ensure that the video and performance is authentic. Any videos deemed to be dubbed or false will not be accepted.
The organizers of the competition will forward the video – performing of all participants to the judges all over the world as well as they will promote these participations to a large audience through the web. The results of the Preliminary Round will be announced during the first days of February 2016. 5 or 6 players will be chosen to take part in the Finals.

 THE FINALS – Repertoire

  • A piece by Dimitris Fampas*
  • A piece by a Greek composer (Dimitris Fampas also accepted here as well) **
  • Free program up to 20’ maximum duration
    The financial problems in Greece do not allow us to offer a large amount of money for cash prizes.
    The prizes will be :    
  • 1st prize winner, cash prize (700 euro), Trophy, Certificate, scores and cds as well as a recital in Athens (offered by Nakas Conservatory of Athens), a performance with the Symphony Orchestra of Athens Municipality (offered by OPANDA), SAVAREZ strings,  ROYAL CLASSICS strings.
  • 2nd prize winner cash prize (almost 300 euro), Trophy, Certificate, scores and cds, SAVAREZ strings, ROYAL CLASSICS strings
  • 3rd prize winner cash prize (almost 200 euro), Trophy, Certificate, scores and cds, SAVAREZ strings, ROYAL CLASSICS strings .

More  prizes and presents will be announced soon

The trophy is being made by the excellent sculptor Haralambos Daradimos and the Certificate by the well known painter Takis Varelas.

For more information please contact Pr. Eva Fampas at

* For DIMITRIS FAMPAS’ music we propose to the participants to choose from the following editions: ANTHOLOGY of DIMITRIS FAMPAS guitar music (edition MEL BAY), DIMITRIS FAMPAS’ music for guitar volume 2 and volume 3 (edition PAPAGRIGORIOU – NAKAS –, Danza Greca n. 1 Karaguna (Editions RICORDI), Danse grecque: Sousta, Vision, Prelude Modern, Conte (editions Max Eschig), BOLERO (Editions COLUMBIA music CO)

** For Greek Composers’ music we propose the following: the GREEK GUITAR MUSIC anthology (Edition Les Productions D’oZ – ) and editions of Greek composers for guitar (like K.Tzortzinakis, K.Hatzopoulos, K.Grigoreas, N.Mamagakis and more) from the Editors PAPAGRIGORIOU  – NAKAS  (